Eyebrow Feathering: Aftercare Tips

Microblading aftercare is very essential for the appearance and longevity of your new eyebrows. It truly makes a massive difference in the results. Here we help you get the best results possible from your eyebrow feathering procedure.

You can normally experience slight redness the day of your procedure, but it typically fades within a day or two. If you feel any pain, you may take Panadol—not Ibuprofen or Aspirin as it causes blood thinning.

Usually, it takes 4–6 weeks for a cosmetic tattoo to fully heal. After this time, you can add more definition to your new feathered brows. To ensure proper healing and color retention, follow these instructions for the full 10-day healing period.

After the procedure, micro-bladed eyebrows cannot get wet for 7 days.Gently apply your aftercare serum morning and night with a clean cotton bud.

For ombré brows only the first 5 days before bed using Saline wipes or a cotton pad with lukewarm water gently wipe your eyebrows to remove any dry lymph fluid. Dry them with a tissue and apply your aftercare serum with a clean cotton bud.After the healing period 7 day’s, you may wash your face being careful not to force any left over scabbing, let it naturally fall off. 


Activities to Avoid After Eyebrow Feathering

There are certain activities you should avoid during the healing process, such as the following: 

  • Going on any sunny vacations or having high sun exposure

  • Using soaps, cleansers or any other creams on your brow tattoo

  • Using petroleum-based products on your tattoo

  • Using any skin brightening creams, exfoliants and makeup on the brows for 2 weeks

  • Exercising and sweating

  • Running direct water on your micro-bladed brow

  • Going into pools, saunas and steam rooms

  • Getting facials, massages or skin treatment

  • Using laser light therapy on your brow tattoo


Eyebrow Feathering in Sydney

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