Talene Hanna

Talene Hanna is a beauty therapist with over 20 years of industry experience. She is the go-to beauty expert for Eyebrow Microblading (Feathering), Lip Blushing, and Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) in the Greater Western Sydney region.

Here’s why:

-  20+ years industry experience
-  Started career as an apprentice at 16, owned a salon by the age of 21
-  Maintains a large clientele base across all beauty services
-  One of the very few beauty therapists in Sydney to add Scalp Micro Pigmentation and Eyebrow Microblading to her repertoire
-  Demonstrates tremendous levels of creativity, skill and knowledge in her work
-  Loves being able to help people feel confident in their own skin.

Talene has watched as the beauty industry has transformed over the past 20+ years. From advancements in makeup techniques, hair styling implements and, the work she is known for most, eyebrow sculpting.

When microblading was first introduced Talene couldn’t wait to learn this technique so that she could extend her skill set. Being able to positively alter someone’s appearance so they don’t have to worry about using tints or pencils to fill in their brows brings her so much joy. Seeing how grateful her clients are and how much their confidence is boosted is worth all the time and energy she invested in learning the technique.

Talene has honed her Microblading method and to this day, she’s proud to say that she excels at providing clients with a natural look by using natural strokes that mimic their natural hairs. The lines she makes are virtually undetectable, yet they do so much for the person wearing them.

Eventually, she figured that there had to be other services she could offer that would provide her clients the same confidence and happiness.

So, after much research into what she would study next, Talene decided to complete training in Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP). The absolute art and finesse involved in this method is unbelievable.

She can tattoo replicas of tiny hair follicles to restore lost confidence in both women and men who need a little extra hair coverage in spots. Hair transplants? Old news. Hair implants? Costly and they don’t always last. Talene is effortlessly able to provide clients with an amazing, natural result that will have people second guessing whether they even had bald spots to begin with.

She has learned from the very best in the business and is confident that you will walk away feeling self-assured, beautiful and HAPPY!

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