Scalp Micropigmentation: Hair Loss Solution

There are many reasons people suffer from hair loss. Men are more prone to experiencing balding more than women. With that said, Scalp micropigmentation tattooing can definitely work for everyone. This treatment is performed to create the illusion of hair follicles, which shows density, fills patches and gives a more healthier, younger look. Solving hair loss solutions for several hair problems in men and women.


Hair thinning occurs in women more. It can be caused by lifestyle or genetics, or a more serious underlining condition. Due to the many possible causes, there are also varying ways of bringing back the fullness of your hair. One of the effective methods is scalp micropigmentation which is basically a scalp tattoo that will give the illusion of thicker, stronger, hair.


Hairline recession is a natural part of ageing, but most men already start to suffer from a receding hairline in their 30s. It starts near the temples and wouldn’t be noticeable at first. But as the recession develops, a bigger area of the front of the head becomes exposed and visibly bald. With a hairline tattoo, you won’t be just restoring your hairline. You can improve your look by choosing a hairline style that suits you.


Losing a lot of your hair at the same time can be a horrifying experience. But scalp micropigmentation can also bring back the full hair look to your head. Through hair follicle replication, you can add density to the areas of baldness.


You can get SMP to hide scarring at any area on the scalp. You’ll be able to hide scars from surgeries and procedures, and add thickness to your hair.

Talene Hanna can help you get the hair loss solution for any type of condition. Scalp micropigmentation is 100% effective in bringing back the thick and strong look of your hair. Only trust an experienced specialist for hair loss solutions. Contact Talene Hanna today.