Hair loss including male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness can be caused by a lot of things but they are not easy to treat.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation or SMP is a simple, non invasive treatment to improve hair density without the side effects of non-proven home remedies and essential oils.

What is scalp micropigmentation or hair tattoo?

To put it simply, it is a very small-scale tattoo. You are injected with a small needle into your epidermis/dermal layer, with the aim of placing pigment into the skin, therefore camouflaging the appearance of hair loss. It creates the illusion of shaved hair, hair stubble or hair of greater density.

Will it damage my own hair?

SMP does not damage your hair follicles! The procedure is completed by working in between your existing follicles to create depth and density.

How long does the full process take?

SMP is usually performed over 2 sessions, however a third session may be needed. Each session can take between 3 -6 hours depending on the area and density you wish to achieve.

How long does it take to heal?

It is normal for the skin to be quite red and tender following the procedure. It usually subsides over 24hrs, however, full settling will generally take roughly 7–10 days. In some instances it can take in excess of 6 weeks, due to skin anomalies.

How long does it last and does it fade?

Pigment colours will become duller after a certain amount of years. While SMP pigment will remain on the skin, it will fade over time and needs to be reinvigorated to bring out the best of the treatment. As everyones skin is different its hard to set an exact timeframe however I do offer a 12 month guarantee on your SMP should you experience any fading or unevenness.

Does SMP hurt?

Overall,  SMP can hurt, but the pain is usually very mild. Some patients require little breaks during the treatment. Some people say that after the first 20 mins they get used to the sensation and that it can range from the feeling of a deep massage to being slightly uncomfortable, however, it is quite tolerable.

How soon can I have my follow up session?

It can be performed 2-7 days after the first procedure.

Does it look natural?

SMP has been around for many years and I believe that it has improved vastly with the quality of equipment, inks and skill training available now. I take a slower approach by starting with a small patch at the back of your head, doing my very best to match the exact colour to your natural follicles. This allows me to ensure that I’m starting off on the right track to end up with a great result. 

SMP will make you second guess what follicles are SMP and what is real.

What guarantee is there that I will get the result I’m after?

Everybody’s skin and body react differently to pigment implantation, thus affecting the final colour and results. To ensure the best possible outcome you have the option to go ahead with a small test patch performed in a discreet location at the back of your head. Should you decide not to go ahead with the treatment, the test patch will not be visible to the uninformed onlooker.

The fee of the test patch will be deducted from the full amount should you wish to go ahead with the procedure at a later time. You’ll also be provided a 12-month warranty should you experience fading or unevenness.

What type of pigments are used and are they safe?

We use only a natural carbon and water-based pigment created specifically for SMP. It has been formulated to set in the skin of the scalp once implanted, resulting in very fine, crisp, and clear follicle replications. We do not use regular tattoo inks or cosmetic makeup pigment as the quality is not conducive to SMP. Our pigment does not contain green or blue.

It is deterioration of the iron oxides in regular tattoo inks and PMU pigments that cause discolouration. SMP ink needs to achieve complete and distinct separation between the stubble replications to create a natural look. Traditional inks and permanent makeup pigments are formulated for deeper penetration and the deeper the penetration the more likely the pigments will migrate and join together creating blobs. 

Is anyone a candidate for SMP?

People who have skin disorders such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, or a history of skin cancer may not be a good candidate. Prior to treatment all clients will need to fill in a medical checklist and consent form. You may also be required to get written approval from your GP before your procedure.

Things to keep in mind before going through with the procedure:

You need to understand that when there are bald areas on the scalp, your hair must be worn at a zero length to ensure an even transition and match. This applies for the application of the treatment as well. This is a cosmetic procedure and whilst every precaution will be taken to prevent complications, and whilst complications from this procedure are rare, they can and sometimes do occur.

Non Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

To fully understand scalp micropigmentation, you can also see it as a form of hair tattoo, a procedure for hair replacement Sydney that is more topical than surgical. Considered as semi-permanent, the effects of this non surgical hair restoration procedure may last up to 8 years; however, since all skin naturally exfoliates itself, the treated area may fade over time.

Although scalp micropigmentation isn’t technically considered a hairline tattoo, it carries similar risks, including infection associated with the tattoo ink and/or allergies to certain components in the pigment. It is, therefore, important that you diligently search for a reliable practitioner to do this procedure.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Talene Hanna is the go-to expert when it comes to hair loss treatment in Australia. We have perfected this procedure and only get wonderful feedback from our clients.

Non-Invasive Permanent Solution for Receding Hairline

There are a range of treatment options available for those seeking a solution to hair loss. The technology and care, when it comes to hair loss or baldness, are constantly improving and progressing. In fact, scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is one of the most popular non-invasive and safe treatments for receding hairline today. Try a non-surgical procedure to replace the more invasive hair transplant Sydney, try scalp micropigmentation.

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