What is Lip Blushing


For years, lip injections and lip fillers have been the primary method for lip enhancement and augmentation. These types of services have become a  favorites among models and celebrities and continue to trend on social media. Lip tattooing is another lip enhancement method that has been around for decades. But as fashion trends evolve through the years, so do trends in the beauty and aesthetics industry. From traditional lip colour tattoos, a new type of lip service was created as an alternative for those aiming for fuller lips without filler injections - Lip blushing.

Here are some basics you need to know about this trend:



Lip blushing is a form of semi permanent lip tattoo service that promises not only color correction, but also the enhancement of lip shape and size. The lip tattoo services available in the past make permanent changes to your lips, whereas this semi permanent lip tattoo retains an enhancements for a up to two years.



The method used for lip blushing is called pixelating which, for aestheticians, means depositing pigment into the lips through small, barely visible dots. Basically, it mimics the process of lip tattooing, but results in a fuller but natural-looking pout.



One way of achieving natural-looking results is the use of organic pigments in replacement of traditional carbon-based tattoo ink. Several needle configurations are now available through the modern, digital tools developed in the aesthetics industry. New lip tattooing techniques are practiced by aestheticians, and advanced machines are utilized for a gentler process.



Most people who have tried the treatment rate the pain three out of ten, with ten being the most painful. So if you’re one to worry about the process being agonizing, it’s already guaranteed that your two-hour session will be brief and comfortable.


It’s never too late to try out something new to help your best asset stand out even more. To know more about lip blushing services, leave a message or book an appointment with Talene Hanna! She is glad to answer all your questions and offers a free consultation.