Best Eyebrow Shape for your Face


So you just found out about the benefits of eyebrow microblading also called eyebrow feathering, and now you’re planning to get into the trend. Maybe you’ve been grooming your brows yourself, or you are tired of trying to draw on the same even shape on both sides and filling in unwanted gaps before you walk out the door. Eyebrow microblading is defiantly your solution! Your eyebrows make up the look of your whole face. From your expressions, the makeup you use, the way people see you - these can vary depending on whether or not you’re aware of the right eyebrow shape for your type of face.

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 If you have a wide forehead and prominent cheekbones that lead to a narrow chin, then you have an oval face shape. To keep your face symmetrical, you need soft, angled eyebrows that complement the rest of your features. Your eyebrow should go straight up, then form a low arch that gently curves at the top and goes down. This can be easily achieved through eyebrow tattooing /eyebrow feathering that lets you draw on any shape you want for your brows.


 People with a round face shape suffer from pink cheeks from getting pinched too often. Your puffy cheeks that take up a big area of your face are what gets people’s attention right away. With a round face, your goal is to make it look longer, so you should opt for arched eyebrows that go up until the middle, then down. You may still go for round or flat brows, but just know that they might end up making your face look even more round. 


Square-faced people have their squared jawlines to show off as their best feature. The best way to soften your look is by going for a curved brow shape. Just follow your natural eyebrow shape, with an arch that isn’t too angled or high. 


Some consider this shape as the most feminine-looking because of the tiny chin that complements the wide forehead. Keep your eyebrow’s natural shape and draw a soft arch to achieve a delicate look. Eyebrow feathering is recommended for those who want to have soft natural-looking brows. It is also an eyebrow gap filler

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